Watchismo's Biggest Sale Ever - HOLI-DEALS!

Announcing Watchismo's HOLI-DEALS

Timing Is Everything

Let's face it: we're all in a countdown and time is precious. Every minute counts and you want to spend each one with the people you care about. So don't waste time standing in line or wandering around in a store full of stuff. Finish your shopping now and give a gift that reminds people that every second matters.

For the rest of the year, Watchismo is giving you the best deals we've ever offered on hundreds of styles - up to 70% off. Check out our Holideals and get your shopping done in a blink so you can enjoy celebrating the season with people who matter most to you.

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BLACK HOLE FRIDAY - New Frontiers in the Time-Price Continuum

The Watchismo Times Top Ten Holiday Sale


Want to make a quantum leap from the earthly clutches of Black Friday? Ditch the predictability of the time-space continuum & come join us for supergalactic savings.

Chartered for a one-way trip to Planet Watchismo, our all black fleet includes 10 of the mightiest time machines this side of the event horizon.

Stay light years away from the masses because where we're going, we don't need roads.

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THE MEGABYTE by 666 BARCELONA - Orbiting spheres instead of hands rotate the outer edges of time in this cool all black timepiece!

THE ZON by NOOKA - Documenting timezones across the Earth, this watch keeps you in time with your home planet!

THE MINIMALIST - New matte black steel version - the watch of choice by the Vader family.

THE DE NOVO by VESTAL - De Novo is a Latin expression meaning "from the beginning" - a chronograph with retrograde display.

MACH 2000 AERONEF by LIP - A futuristic timepiece designed in the heyday of the space age - a design ahead of its time!

THE ADVENTURE by 666 Barcelona - Reminiscent of the big bang, this watch has expanding numbers across the dial!

THE OBSERVER by VESTAL - Time the remaining seconds of your life as you fall to the singularity...

THE DESTROYER by VESTAL - Made from space-age polymers, this updated design allows for easy wear in any gravitational setting.

THE SURVEYOR by VESTAL - Entertain your new alien friends with what is certain to be the rarest timepiece on their 35 hour day planet.

DOUBLE PHASE REGULATOR by AEROMATIC - Mechanical skeleton half-phase double special regulator with ergonomic dial position - A watch only HAL 9000 understands.

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Because Size Matters - Top Ten Big Watches at Watchismo

The Watchismo Times Top Ten Holiday Sale


You know what they say about the size of a man's watch, but is bigger really better? To explore this timeless debate, we're whipping out ten big shots from the Watchismo collection that are bulging with style, including some of the very largest watches we offer and others that will inspire watch envy.

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DIESEL SUPER BAD ASS- Four separate watches in one gigantic 65mm x 57mm black steel case and blue/yellow crystal!

G-SHOCK MILITARY SPECIAL EDITION - A big gooey white watch combining all sorts of complex functions!

REBOSUS NIGHTGLOW PHANTOM - Übersized Chrono from Germany measuring 63mm x 51mm!

HAFFSTREUNER GMT AUTOMATIC - Industrial style design from German carved from a blackened steel plate - mechanical automatic!

WELDER K30 TRIPLE TIME ZONE - Assembled by bolts, this Big & Black watch with three separate movements in one 54mm case!

INGERSOLL BISON AUTOMATIC - Looks like a Grenade! This 50mm automatic chrono featuring day date and year!

VESTAL DENOVO CHRONO - Thick chunky, literally groovy black chronograph with retrograde date function!

VESTAL MINIMALIST CHRONOGRAPH - New matte steel version in same monstrous case!

TAUCHMEISTER XXXL WORLD TIME - This beast boasts a 65mm case and multiple screw down crowns!

666 BARCELONA HARDCORE AUTOMATIC - Curved to fit the wrist snugly. If this watch doesn't kill you, it will only make you stronger!

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Watchismo's Top Ten Conversation Starters & Pre-Holiday Discount Code

The Watchismo Times Top Ten Pre-Holiday Sale

Top 10 Best Conversation Starters

What makes Watchismo tick? Watches that tell us so much more than just the time. From inspired designs and mystifying displays to unique materials and complex movements, our selection offers endless ways to spark up a conversation about what's on your wrist. Seduce your date, liven up a lame happy hour or even redeem yourself after a faux pas: Express your personality with a watch that demands to be noticed or that begs the question, 'What's up with that veritable gallery of kinetic sculpture strapped to your arm?' Check out our Top 10 Conversation Starters to find one that speaks your language...

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DIESEL FREAK OF NATURE - Two totally different watches cut in half and assembled into one!

NOON COPENHAGEN - A supremely cool new collection from Denmark, translucent discs!

NAVA UNICA - Two big swirls for hands rotate like no other watch!

ODM PORTHOLE DIGITAL - Every function on this watch is displayed in multi-colored portholes!

DIESEL NO FACE - A faceless timepiece with four timezones clocks on each side of the watch!

ISSEY MIYAKE TO AUTOMATIC - Mystery dial featuring spinning metallic discs for hands!

RETROWERK JUMP HOUR - This multi-dimensional wristwatch features spinning discs for hands and a compass on top of the watch!

VESTAL MINIMALIST CHRONOGRAPH - All the details of this calculating chrono has been wiped away into a modernist's dream!

THE RAY EBONY WOOD ECO WATCH - The first true "Green" watch ever produced!

PHOSPHOR E-INK WORLDTIME SLIM - A new technology of curved digital displays!

New Mr Jones Watches - The Last Laugh & The Hour - Skull Teeth Jump Hour & Hidden Message Mystery Dial

The Last Laugh
“Central to the way the design progressed was developing the theme of the on stage ‘death’ and the drive of performers to go to ever greater lengths to elicit laughs from a crowd. The skull references the‘tears of a clown’ concept, the widely held belief that comedians are essentially quite sad in nature and the rather pointless desire that many stand-ups have to have the last laugh.”

Designed with comedian William Andrews, this watch forgoes the customary hour and minute hands, instead the time is displayed on rotating skull’s teeth (upper teeth for hours, lower teeth for minutes!). The overall impression is of a gleefully absurd memento mori - an object intended to remind us that life is brief.

The resulting watch is disarmingly childish and cartoon like which reflects my own interest in the kitsch and the playful design of advertising and childrens toys".

This watch is available in an initial edition of 100 pieces, each watch is numbered on the caseback and comes with an insert card signed by William Andrews and Crispin Jones.

Comedian/Co-designer of the Last Laugh, William Andrews

The Hour

Mr Jones Watches has released The Hour, a watch designed in collaboration with record breaking cyclist Graeme Obree. The watch has a reflective, meditative tone - each hour is marked with a different word that reminds us to make the most of each hour as it passes.

“I wanted to use words that would instill a sense of value that an hour is a unit of time to be or do or think or act in some way that makes us realize its passing. In a subtle way to instill a sense of mortality that is tempered by an idea of how to occupy this hour that will pass but once.”

The Hour was designed with cyclist Graeme Obree, an hour has a special resonance for him as he twice claimed cycling’s prestigious hour record. With the design of this watch Obree reveals a reflective, poetic sensibility: each hour is marked with a different word that holds a special meaning in relation to the passing time. The words appear through a slot which displays one word per hour to contemplate.

The Hour co-designer Graeme Obree