Friday, May 30, 2014

Popular Watches Now Back in Stock at Watchismo


Here's your second shot...

Some of our most popular watches are back

Before these cool watches sell out again, make sure to grab one of these top sellers below. Hailing from Spain, NYC and Germany, this wide variety of timepieces by Ingersoll, Nooka and Barcelona 666 feature everything from complex mechanical timepieces, innovative graphic based digital and streamline design.
Ingersoll IN8704BKhero1.1
Ingersoll IN8704BK Bridge Automatic Watch
Now only $459 instead of $700
Both of these Ingersoll skeletonized automatic watches sold out long before the demand for them was met... Watchismo is happy to make sure everyone gets the watch they want and with the same big discounts.
Ingersoll is a brand to suit many tastes of the mechanical watch collector. Whether you relish the rich company history dating back to 1892 or appreciate the modern classic styling of their wide-ranging collections.
The Rebosus watches and chronographs are intended for only the most daring of watch enthusiasts - Men and Women who want to stand out of the pack with solid chunks of horological steel on their arms. Their size is matched by the quality German precision and American testosterone.
An alternative time machines from Nooka, a New York based design company founded by artist and designer Matthew Waldman. Most famously known for its line of innovative and unique digital wristwatches which take the concept of telling time into an entirely new realm.
The "Hardcore" is one killer watch. A case built as boldly as any civil engineer attempting to construct a solid city bridge. It rises with steely curvature that also fits snugly to the shape of your wrist. The curved metal plates are bracketed together around a mechanical automatic movement and feature an exposed rotor through the porthole crystal caseback. You can watch the motion of the power source that does not need batteries, ever.
The Hardcore automatic is a true machine with stylish bravado that continues to the uncommon dial featuring a very unusual layout of numbers and markers. The asymmetrically placed digits lead from zero to the mysterious three sixes indexed by two very thin multi-colored watch hands tipped by dots.
The longest watch in the world!
This watch was created for a unique woman. A large case and thin leather strap that wraps around the wrist multiple times. The dial incorporates the strap by leading a ridge down the middle amidst a carefully designed yet random group of markers. And the final perfect touch from the extra long thin hands tipped with dots...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First Ever Nixon Elite Watch Sale - 40% Off Magnacon, Trader, Ceramic 51-30 and More...


For The First Time Ever!

Nixon Elite Watches are 40% Off

Yup, you read that right, this is a first-ever blowout of the most coveted Nixon watches ever produced. These Ceramic 51-30, 42-20, Magnacon, Trader, Capital and Swiss Automatic timepieces are available for rare prices with the code ELITE40 applied at checkout.
Supply is extremely limited so don't say we didn't warn you. Many of these are out of stock at Nixon so this is your last chance to get one and definitely the only option for 40% off!
Get your Nixon Elite watch HERE or take a look at the specific models on sale below.
Nixon Magnacon Grand Prix Chronograph
Now only $450 instead of $750
The Magnacon indulges itself only in its mechanics - its six hand chronograph movement, its precision time-tracking. It's a watch built for the person who knows that the world doesn't slow down, who wears a timepiece not to be seen, but because there are tasks that need to be performed. And yet, for all of its utility, it contains a simple, durable beauty - elegance built on efficiency, on the knowledge that it won't be outworked.
Magnacon Nixon SS Black & Red Chronograph
Get it for $480 instead of $800
Who decided that luxury means extravagance? Where is it written that a luxurious thing must be a precious thing?
Nixon Magnacon All Black Chronograph
Now only $450 instead of $750
Nixon Magnacon Nixon SS White SR Chronograph
A bargain at $480 instead of $800
Nixon Trader Swiss Made Titanium Carbide Chronograph
For a limited time, get it for $600 instead of $1000
Capable of nailing the time to a tenth of second, and yet it doesn't scream to the world that it's a sports watch. Instead, it's tough without being a bully, stylish without being a dandy. It's a damn capable watch without looking so dreadfully functional. Essentially bombproof - a mix of strong elements in titanium carbide, stainless steel and sapphire crystal - and yet dripping with stealth style. Its seven hand movement means you'll never be at a loss, and its dark styling means that it'll never go out of style.
nixon ceramic 51-30 watch all white
Ceramic Body - 5x Harder than Steel...
Singularity. A nice thought, but even better when it means something. Maybe you want your own watch, not some boilerplate "luxury" pop-out. But maybe this doesn't mean that you've got to strap some showy toy to your wrist just to check the time. The 51-30 is virtually indestructible on the exterior - water resistant to 300 meters, with a ceramic body and a stainless steel skeleton - while containing the most precise mechanisms on the inside. All this in a statement-making design that's entirely modern, yet utterly timeless.
Nixon 51-30 Elite Black Ceramic Swiss Automatic
Get it for $1560 instead of $2600
Simply put, these are the highest quality watches Nixon makes. Each one is made to the most exacting standards of Swiss watch makers, is custom built and features the Automatic ETA movement that has been the standard of quality timepieces for decades. The name says it all, and the looks say even more. Watchismo has been selected to be one of a very limited number of authorized online dealers for the Nixon Elite class of watches.
Swiss Movement:
Swiss made ETA 2824-2 mechanical automatic 3 hand, date with 25 jewels, sweeping seconds and a custom engraved rotor.
After years of careful design and close development with the Nixon team, we are proud to deliver the most sophisticated watch that Nixon has to offer. Equipped with an exposed self-winding Swiss ETA movement, stainless steel watch case that is water resistant to 100 meters, a sapphire crystal, an oversized crown, and full stainless steel link bracelet, the Capital Automatic will most certainly stand out in your collection.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Graduate from boring watches - our top twelve coolest watches for the Graduate Event at Watchismo


Graduate From Boring Watches

For a very limited time, save up to 20% off most watches at Watchismo -- this discount also applies to watches already on sale!
It's simple, we're offering three discounts for 10%, 15% or 20% off your watch purchases. The more you get, the more you save!
Use code RADGRAD10 for 10% off any order over $99
Use code RADGRAD15 for 15% off any order over $499
Use code RADGRAD20 for 20% off any order over $999
Below are a dozen of our coolest watches at Watchismo where you can save hundreds of dollars during this limited time offer.
The "TO" series of watches from Issey Miyake is representative of the inspiration process of designer Tokujin Yoshioka. Yoshioka chooses a material and minimizes the design elements, resulting in a series of watches that appear to be sculpted from a lump of metal.
The CT Scuderia watch is a perfect match for the world of elite sport-racing. Bullhead-style chronograph watches inspired by stopwatches used in pre-race time trials.
The Corsa was designed to convey sheer speed. Clean, simple dial design elements and hardware perfectly capture an air of elite racing, and the collection’s Bullhead-style crown-and-pusher placement at the 12 o’clock mark delivers an authentic aesthetic. A cool feature of the Corsa is the easily removable straps which once removed, allow you to use the watch as a traditional stopwatch.
A blend of form & function, the new Tendence collections are a highly evolved & original concept - extreme dimensions never before seen in a wristwatch - the 3D digits are sculpted high above the concave dial and built into multi-material casings of stainless steel or titanium.
Only 35 Produced Worldwide, only 3 left in the world!
The MARCH LA.B SHELBY Limited Edition Swiss automatic watch celebrates one the rarest Shelby automobile prototypes of all time: the Shelby EXP 500 known as the “Green Hornet”. This exclusive timepiece reflects on Shelby’s heritage of pure performance and racing aesthetics. Encased in a black chassis set against a wood dial replicating the original dash, the Shelby Limited Edition Watch transports you back to the glory days of the late sixties. Produced in 1968 by the legendary American automotive designer and race driver Carroll Shelby, the Mustang hardtop double prototype is an icon for car enthusiasts worldwide.
In 1942, the internationally acclaimed Danish architect Arne Jacobsen (1902–1971) created the Roman wall clock for Aarhus City Hall, followed in 1956 by City Hall for Rødovre City Hall. Fifteen years later, in 1971, Arne Jacobsen designed Banker’s for the national bank of Denmark. Today, these three clocks for three striking buildings amount to a substantial contribution to three decades of modernistic design history.
Ingersoll is a brand to suit many tastes of the mechanical watch collector. Whether you relish the rich company history dating back to 1892 or appreciate the modern styling of their wide-ranging collections, you're sure to find one you'll love and wear for years to come.
This iconic French LIP Chronograph was originally designed by Roger Tallon in 1973, as part of his Mach 2000 series.
This collection is unmistakable with protruding balls for stopwatch pushers & crowns set into an asymmetric solid stainless steel watch case.
One of the biggest trends in the watch industry right now is more traditional, classical designs, inevitably simpler, slightly smaller and thinner. Mondaine is introducing a new Ultra-thin collection and Watchismo can barely keep them in stock!
Each watch is limited and individually numbered 01 to 51. No more will be produced!
The SVT-GR44 driven by the Valjoux 7750 elaborated mechanical calibre - housed within a sophisticated gun metal - 44 mm aerospace-grade 316L stainless steel case, ensuring precision timekeeping. Effortlessly observed under the refined sapphire crystal are sandwiched dial layers, distinct matte finish indicator hands with luminous time function and bold numerical representations.
ZO8522 Feature flat2
Zodiac's most famous race-inspired watch, developed with all the craftsmanship, precision, technical design and high-performance elements used in real motor sports. The stainless-steel and titanium case features a carbon fiber dial with super-luminova accents. We left the lugs exposed and created pushers perforated to look like actual pedals for a truly race-inspired experience. The genuine rubber strap ensures a durable (and comfortable) fit.
K30 9001a
The Nevil was Triwa's way of adding a little more sophistication to a chronographs without losing out on the functionality. And a quite fine job they did too, if you don’t mind us saying so? It also marked the start of our love affair with the first-class Swedish tannery Tärnsjö, a collaboration that’s still going strong.
*Not applicable to orders prior to May 25th 2014. RADGRAD discount codes are valid through May 31st 2014 and are not valid with any other offers. Valid for in stock items only, not valid for all items, and not valid on Nixon watches. All other terms & conditions are applicable as stated here: conditions.aspx Offer subject to change.