Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A New Batch of Half Price Vestal Watches on the Horizon


Ten New Vestal Watches

Half Price For A Limited Time

Now's your chance to grab that Vestal you always wanted but in a brand new color nobody else has. New styles of ZR3, Yacht, Heirloom, Digichord, Canteen, Brig or Alpha Bravo Zulu now available starting at just $37 bucks!
Apply the discount code VESTAL50 at checkout to save more than ever on some of the coolest watches at Watchismo.*
$50 - Vestal ABZ3C05 Alpha Bravo ZULU Navy/Gold
$80 - Vestal HEI3M08 Heirloom Silver/White
$160 - Vestal YATCM03 Metal Yacht Gold
$160 - Vestal YATCM01 Metal Yacht Black
$90 - Vestal Canteen Leather Cuff All Black
$75 - Vestal Muir Wood Bamboo
$170 - Vestal ZR3 Chronograph ZR3031 Gold/White
$37.50 - Vestal DIG034 Digichord Black/Green

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Soon To Be Scarce Limited Edition G-Shock Watches


New Limited Editions

Soon-To-Be Scarce G-Shock Watches

Limited Edition Slash, Tri-Color Maritime, Gravitymaster and more now in stock at Watchismo. As always, these are produced in limited numbers so they sell out fast -- don't miss your chance!
See All G-Shock Watches Here or see the new releases below.

G-Shock Limited Edition Tri-Color Digital

Introducing the latest limited edition, the tri-color maritime design of this new model starts out with basic white, and add red and blue to a bezel and buttons. Base model is the popular big case GA-201 for the ultimate in toughness and maritime good looks.

G-Shock Limited Edition Tri-Color Anadigi XXL

The tri-color maritime design of this new model starts out with basic white, and add red and blue to a bezel and buttons. Base model is the popular big case GA-100 for the ultimate in toughness and maritime good looks.

G-Shock Gravitymaster Aviation

Introducing the latest new additions to the GRAVITYMASTER Series of the watch that is conceived and developed as aviation timepiece.
This new model features a new type of World Time function that is designed with international pilots in mind. In addition to the time in your current location, which is indicated by wide hour and minute hands, a second time can be indicated by the dial at 9 o’clock.
Other pilot-friendly functions include a large button at 9 o’clock that can be used to trigger a 60-second continuous bearing or temperature sensor reading with a single press. Also, a high-luminosity LED display light enables reading of display information even in the dark.

Gshock DW5600sl1FULL
G-Shock SLASH Series Thin Digital
This new model is based on the popular thin-case DW-5600. Case and band is decorated with a concrete and canvas pattern that appears cracked and worn, which highlights the tough G-SHOCK image. Special printing technology is used to create a look of roughness and other effects that have been difficult to achieve until now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Unveiled Today - The Mr. Jones Limited Edition Chatterbox Mechanical Jump Hour


New Artist Collaboration Jump Hour Automatic

Mr Jones Watches has teamed up with the Brazilian graphic artist Fernando Volken Togni to create Chatterbox.
This watch is a bit Dadaist in it’s juxtaposition of motifs, symbols and characters. It flouts conventional aesthetics to show you the time - one of the characters shows you the hour in his open mouth, while the minutes pass through a mysterious eye.
Chatterbox is an organized chaos of talkative creatures, natural forms and vibrant colors that combine to create an energetic, unique timepiece.

Get One Before They're Gone

Chatterbox was produced in the MJW London workshop. They printed all the components and assembled and regulated each watch by hand. The watch is released in an edition of 100 pieces, with each watch numbered on the back of the case.

Friday, July 17, 2015

New Nixon C45 Watch Collection and Other New Styles With One-of-a-Kind Green Oxyde Dials


Contemporary Takes On Vintage

New One-Of-A-Kind Oxyde Nixon Collections

Watchismo is proud to introduce these new additions to the 51-30 Chronograph, Time Teller, Sentry and Corporal collections. Best of all, a very unexpected and hot new release of the Nixon C45 watch. Limited release so don't miss out, they're sure to sell out fast.
The photos really say it all. See each new release below...
See all NIXON Watches
Nixon A4652069view1
Nixon C45 Leather Gun Green Oxyde With One-of-a-kind Dial
The C45 Leather may lead you to water, but it will not make you drink. A fresh and contemporary take on vintage, it can be your everything style piece. From dressed up to dressed down, it's your new daily driver. It's up to you to decide when it's time to imbibe it's your thirst, The C45 Leather is just living in it.
Nixon A465-1890-view1
Nixon C45 Leather Rose Gold Brown
Nixon A465000view1
Nixon C45 Leather Black
Nixon A4652064view1
Nixon C45 Leather Gray/Rose Gold
Nixon A0452069view1
A one-of-a-kind dial for an original Nixon design,
Nixon A3462069view1
Nixon A3462065view1
Nixon Corporal SS Gunmetal/Cobalt Blue Sunray
Nixon A0832069view1
Nixon 51-30 Chrono Gunmetal & One-Of-A-Kind Green Oxyde Dial
Nixon A3562069view1
Nixon Sentry SS Gunmetal & One-Of-A-Kind Green Oxyde Dial
Nixon A1052069view1
Nixon Sentry Leather Gunmetal/Green Oxyde
Nixon A377595view1
Nixon Sentry 38 Leather Gunmetal/Gold

Thursday, July 16, 2015

M&Co. Watch Collection by the late & great designer Tibor Kalman


Waste Not A Moment

New M&Co. Watches by Tibor Kalman

The late Tibor Kalman, founder of M&Co. began his legendary relationship with time in 1983. In the spirit of the motto imprinted on the backside of the watches – “Waste Not a Moment.”
Now available at Watchismo, just $135 each.
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MAndCo Piefront
Who doesn’t need to carve out a piece of time? M&Co PIE Watch is the epitome of pure watch design. Originally designed in 1984 by M&Co Labs, the classic brass version of the Bodoni watch made for the PIE or Quarter watch. Creator Tibor Kalman’s witty take on time still cajoles a smile.
MAndCo Askewthumb
Your eyes do not deceive you with this now classic.
There are timepieces with no numbers at all, so why not a watch with a free spirit? The irreverent Askew Watch from M&Co was created with the notion that as long as the familiar twelve was at the top it was immaterial where the rest of the numbers lie.
Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! This watch is characteristic of Tibor Kalman, and his iconoclastic design firm. Clean graphics and dry humor merge in a high-quality product that beckons a second look!
MAndCo bodonibrassfront
The Bodoni has long been recognized as an icon of simplistic and pure watch design. Originally designed in 1984, the classic all black version gave way to the brushed stainless steel version.
MAndCo bodonibrassside
MAndCo Onomatopoeiafull
The term used to describe words whose pronunciations suggest their meaning (eg, meow, buzz).
Here symbols suggest the sound of the numbers:
3 = tree (three)
5 = hand (5 fingers)
9 = cat (9 lives)
12 = Eggs (dozen/12)
This Onomatopoeia watch M&Co is characteristic of Tibor Kalman, and his iconoclastic design firm. Clean graphics and dry humor merge in a high-quality product that beckons a second look